Giga Girl Reviews

  • gamerjetgamerjet16,627
    19 May 2019
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    A fun Mega Man style clone. It pays homage through gameplay and frustration. The gameplay feels like classic Mega Man. Borrowing some concepts of classic Mega Man games and putting its own twist on the concepts. The default weapon Boomerang is your go to weapon. It's the weapon I used the most through my entire playthrough and outside of opening up a few secret areas with the other weapons, you can basically progress with just the boomerang.

    The frustration comes from some areas where enemies are placed in such a way that you can easily be pushed into an instant death pit or spike ball. In some cases, this requires a little trial and error before you'll successfully progress. Having played the Mega Man games extensively before playing Giga Girl, I was better prepared for these instances and had a basic idea beforehand on how to tackle these scenarios. Now for someone who never has played a Mega Man game before playing this, they might rage quit before advancing very far.

    Difficulty wise I would say it’s slightly easier than your typical Mega Man. The music is nice and fits well and the game has a satisfying ending. It’s not a very long game, but finding the correct way into secrets areas could extend your playtime a bit.

    Overall, it’s pretty fun just like the source material that it pays homage too.