2. Full Throttle Remastered General hints and tips

This is a fairly straight-forward point-and-click adventure game. It is most easily played with a keyboard and mouse, although a controller is possible. Left clicking on an object with which you can interact will generally bring up the actions icon/menu. There are four basic actions. A hand for using/picking up an object. A foot for kicking. A skull mouth for talking to/tasting (depending on the object). Eyes in the skull to look at an object more closely. Clicking generally on the screen will cause you to walk to that position. Red arrows point to off-screen locations, while yellow road-sign arrows indicate a place you can ride your bike to. Right-clicking will bring up your inventory. A few other keys can be used as short-cuts or to reveal hotspots (check out the controls in the game menu for a complete list).

The game has a few action sequences where you fight someone on a bike. These are fairly easy to win (as long as you have found the right weapon); the secret is one of timing, striking your attacks as you get close, but not taking too long for your opponent to strike you. There is no penalty for losing a fight, so not to worry if it takes time to get the hang of it.

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Toward the end of the game there is a timed sequence...if you don't solve things fast enough you'll die and have to restart from a previous (auto)save. This will be pointed out in the walkthrough.

You are given nine save slots and can save at most points in the game. You should save occasionally just in case of unexpected crashes or problems, but if you follow the guide you shouldn't miss any achievements. There is an achievement for doing certain things at the end of the game without making an error, so that's one place having a recent save is useful, although if you follow the guide you shouldn't have a problem.

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