Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

2. General Hints and Tips

Not really any general tips I can offer, really. For the simple reason that FF7 isn't exactly a challenging game, unless one happens to be a complete beginner to the genre of RPGs in general, and JRPGs in particular. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is, save, and save often. Although, make sure to keep track of save files and don't rush ahead, since you can potentially screw yourself and make things take longer than they should. Aside from that, it is generally a good idea to have a general outline of what you need and the order in which you will be getting them, so you can cross certain things off of the list as you go through the game.

The main thing to be cognisant of is the fact that there are numerous missable items necessary for certain achievements. Obviously, there's the whole issue of getting Aeris' final limit break, but there is actually a way of getting Aeris back without hacking, cheating, etc. that basically involves sequence breaking, save manipulating, and basically tricking the game, but, aside from this, there are certain materia in the game that you can only get at certain points in the game that you cannot get back to, as well as certain enemy skills (which ARE required in order to get the achievement for mastering all materia).

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