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Titanium Dragon
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Posted on 11 November 17 at 09:53
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Everything is one of those games that is only barely a game. The gameplay is extremely simple – you are some sort of magical thought shine thingy that can transfer itself between bodies, hence the name “Everything”, because you can transfer yourself between everything in the game. If you are in a particularly large thing, you can transfer yourself back up a level, to a more macroscopic level, and if you are in a particularly small thing, you can transfer yourself downwards, to a more microscopic level. Bigger and bigger, you control continents, then planets, then galaxies; smaller and smaller, you go down to the size of small things (think pennies and grass), then microscopic things (mites, bacteria, viruses), then subatomic things…

And if you keep going, you loop around to the other end.

There are no enemies in this game; the game has no meaningful challenge. The goal of the game, such as it is, is to just explore and collect thoughts until you unlock the next power – making yourself bigger and smaller (within a world), cloning yourself, singing, forming groups, ect. There’s no real point, but there is a certain progression, at the end of which you eventually complete a goal and then… well, you can keep on going.

The thing is, there’s really no “point” to this game; the game is nothing more than just wandering around body swapping and going up and down levels, while “talking” to various things to hear their thoughts and listen to some lectures which are, frankly, both rather pretentious and not all that interesting (though I suspect some people who are more into deep-sounding stuff that isn’t really all that deep will be more into it).

There is really nothing fun about this “game”; the only “challenges” are hunting for the achievements. And indeed, you can simply let the game sit there and autoplay to get many of the achievements.

I’d recommend against buying this game, and honestly, I’d recommend against playing it at all, even if you already do own it; it just isn’t worth your time. It may seem artsy, but in reality, it is quite boring, and there is no payoff at the end of it.
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