DED Reviews

  • ValewoncaValewonca20,594
    30 Mar 2019
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    Pretty short but challenging shooting game, with 2D graphics and a kick-ass soundtrack.
    First things first, I played the free version of DED, there is a paid version (very cheap by the way) that adds more of a storyline, in the free version the only story is the introduction level where you enter the apartment of this soviet looking old man's family and you find everyone dead, you also see some gangsters leaving the scene, so you go through the game's levels looking for revenge for your family, specially your granddaughter
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    So, gameplay: it's very basic: you can move in two directions, you shoot and you dodge. There are two difficulties: basic and hardcore. In basic you just shoot until they die but you have to watch out for your ammo, ammo is infinite but it takes a few seconds to recover bullets. In order to shoot you need to be close to your enemies, same for them, they need to be close to you. It takes them a few seconds to actually shoot you, so you can get away from them by dodging, which works the same way as the ammo. There are two bosses throughout the game, in order to do damage to them, you need to shoot while timing your shots by looking at a bar that is above their head. The challenge in Hardcore mode is that the rule that applies only to bosses in basic mode applies to every enemy in Hardcore. There is also a survival mode in wich you have to shoot with a mosing nagant bolt-action rifle at waves of zombies charging at you.
    You can play with either a shotgun or a pistol, while your enemies have shotguns, pistols, grenade launchers, knives and uzis, and bosses will fight you with their fists. There are three types of enemies: small ones, big ones and bosses. They can be gangsters, private security, SWAT, bodyguards and prostitutes.
    Every time you finish a level you will be able to level up a perk. The perks are: more ammo, more health, more damage, more range, faster stamina recovery and the ability to recover a hearth by killing enemies.
    As I said in the beginning, this is a very short but fun and challenging game, doesn't take more than 2 or 3 hours to complete, maybe even less. My only complaints are that there is only one song that plays during the entire game, it's a pretty cool one but it gets old since it's the only one; and that in hardcore it feels almost impossible to beat the bosses, if I remember correctly the only way I defeated them was that I kept trying until somehow the game stopped spawning enemies and I only had to fight the boss. Anyways, I still recommend it, and if you feel like supporting the developer buy the version with a campaign on it.