CrossCells Reviews

  • JimnebobJimnebob238,440
    11 Nov 2020
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    The Hexcells series is one of favourite logic puzzle games on steam. Because of this, I was pretty eager to check out Matthew Brown's other games. Apart from the 3 Hexcells games, he has 4 other games, and this is the first one so far that I have played. Unfortunately, I found myself a tiny bit disappointed with this one. The interface is just as simple and beautiful as expected. I especially love the ripple effect when you hover over things. However, the most disappointing part for me is the meat of the game; The puzzles themselves. There is 50 of them in total and the first 30 or so are all fine and dandy, but the later and more difficult puzzles feel like they come down more to trial and error than anything. Because the combination of how large the puzzles get, and the fact that the only selection options for the cells in the game are: 'On, Off, and Not Selected', it means that to solve the puzzle properly, the game expects you to keep track of an impossible amount of cells which are all connected and dependant on each other.

    Despite all this, I would still recommend this game. Even without a guide, it'll only take 2-4 hours since there are only 50 levels. With a guide, I imagine it will only take a max of 30 minutes since you just have to either right or left click each cell to solve each puzzle.
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