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Posted on 16 April 18 at 19:13
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CAT Interstellar is a short sci-fi adventure which falls short on the most basic principle of a good story, having an ending. Any ending good or bad, even a cliffhanger, would have been acceptable. Unfortunately, CAT Interstellar, which currently provides about an hour's worth of content, ended up so abruptly that left a sour taste and the thought of having wasted my time in mind!

Such a huge disappointment and wasted potential to a great could have been adventure, even to par with the likes of The Solus Project. It should have been labeled as a technology DEMO with no replayability and priced accordingly. I can only assume the developer either was lazy to provide an ending or ran out of funds and just abandoned the project in a hurry.

Still, as a tech demonstrator, CAT Interstellar shows enormous potential. Very good graphics and rich environments, which are hardly taxing even on a modest system (tested on an old GTX860M laptop). And even with its minimal interactions, the caves part of the story felt like I was back into "Gliese-6143-C" for the briefest of moments and then... the end.

Last but not least, the excitement of exploring the project's assets that were supposed to be free (as a DLC), was dampened as the download option just starts the main executable. As such I cannot really recommend CAT Interstellar unless it is on sale and heavily discounted.

+ Good graphics for 3-4 detailed environment locations
+ Interesting voice over one-liners for the bots
+ Provides 1hr's good entertainment and intrigue
+ Showcases IonizedGames's capabilities and high production values
+ Achievements and trade cards

- Way too expensive for what feels like a tech demonstrator
- Minimal interaction with the environments and underdeveloped actors
- Basic sounds and lack of background noise for an inhospitable place like Mars
- Annoying time wasting starting from "departures" location each time while achievement hunting
- Project assets DLC not working
- VR implementation would have made it worth its price tag
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