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Titanium Dragon
Titanium Dragon
TSA Score for this game: 62
Posted on 15 November 17 at 08:18
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I really liked the art style, but I didn't really like the game.

Set in a haunted animation studio, the game uses a retro-aesthetic, recalling 1920s/1930s animation styles, which works quite well; it looks really good, even if it is rather monochromatic by nature.

The problem is just about everything else. The controls are quite sluggish - you don't move around very fast, and that's a bit annoying, because a lot of what you end up doing is wandering around searching for stuff/turning switches/pressing buttons. Backtracking is a common feature, and the monochromatic nature of the game makes it easy to get turned around and lost in the passageways. There's no minimap feature, and sometimes collectibles only become collectable after you've passed through an area due to some later event.

The game tells its story primarily via audio logs, though the protagonist speaks and you do see some stuff in the environment hinting at the story.

By the end of the first chapter, I was not really left feeling like I should keep playing the game, making it hard to justify shelling out for the rest of it.

All in all, I would strongly recommend trying out the first chapter of the game before you buy it; I suspect that a lot of people will find the neat aesthetic insufficient justification for the rest of the game.
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