Alt-Frequencies Reviews

  • RiedyRiedy48,010
    22 May 2019
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    Alt-Frequencies is a somewhat experimental title. You are stuck in a time loop and interact with a radio. To move the story and the day forward, you will have to record certain sound bites and send them to specific radio stations to get the reaction you want.

    Each radio station has one daily program that takes about 3 minutes, but you can fast forward time to get what you need from the station in question. If you reach the end of a program, the day will reset but keep any progress you've made thus far.

    The biggest strength of the game are the radio stations. I can't praise them enough, they feel so realistic. Good songs are mixed inbetween the segments, the characters are well acted and written and I just enjoyed listening to all the different kinds of stations.

    As far as the story goes, Alt-Frequencies doesn't have a lot to offer. You're a couple of days away from a vote on implementing time looping, but as this is already happening to you your goal is it to expose the truth to the world. The conflict of the story really takes a back seat though as you're only following it passively by influencing radio hosts and getting them to do what you need.

    My only complaint is that it's too short. Each day took me about an average of 15 minutes to beat. I think 5 days with 6 chapters really suffices to tell this kind of story, but each day was just too short and too simple to me. The puzzles could have been more complex.

    Overall I'd still recommend this game because I enjoyed playing it, but I wouldn't say its current state is the best it could possibly be. While the radio stations are pretty realistic and fun to interact with, there's just not enough interactions or conflicts within the story.