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    21 Aug 2017 21 Aug 2017
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    From Ebullience Games comes AIRIS, a science fiction fantasy otome novel. Released in 2017, AIRIS is voted mostly positive on the Steam Store and, after playing it, I can easily say it is for good reason.

    In AIRIS, you play as Aliya, a warrior dedicated to protecting her plague ridden country, AIRIS. Ever since you joined Airis’ Vassals, she has trained constantly, hoping to one day become the best warrior in the land. However, recently, Aliya has been suffering from blackouts with absolutely no idea what has caused them. Determined to get to the bottom of her problem, Aliya works furiously to find some kind of cure – but she finds something else instead. Things about her friends, her country and the cause of the plague that ruined her country in the first place.

    I went into this without knowing anything about it, which is how I like to play games. Don’t give yourself a high standard, don’t give yourself a low standing – go in with an open mind and discover what it’s like for yourself. I knew that Ebullience Games also released Red String of Fate, another romance, fantasy otome novel that I highly enjoyed – so I did have quite a few high hopes for this.

    And the high hopes paid off.

    I have never been more moved by an otome novel than I was by AIRIS. The routes are all absolutely spectacular and it took me some time to completely finish this off, I was so moved. This is the first game I have come across that has taken the time to do a route for both a male and a female – and a gender neutral character. Lyall was a total surprise for me and the first time I saw them referred to as “they”, I honestly teared up. It was an absolutely wonderful surprise and if you’re a non binary gamer like myself, this might be just the game you want to play.

    The story lines in this were absolutely wonderful. I fully enjoyed every single route I played, and had my breath taken away so many times. Each route, although similar in endings, was wonderfully written, with such plot twists and romance scenes that I actually found myself crying at some of them. It did get quite boring sometimes, following the same route two or three times for different achievements, but luckily, there’s a save feature.

    The character designs are also something that I really enjoyed about this. They may be quite simple but they were really well done, and I almost felt like I could walk down the street and bump into the main four characters. I honestly fell in love with the character designs and their personalities went so well for them. It all really joined together perfectly, and it was so well done.

    Considering this was done in a single month, I’m honestly speechless. Ebullience Games did amazingly with this, and I cannot wait for their next game release – hopefully, it should be The Masquerade Killer.

    I would definitely recommend this to check out, and Ebullience Games are definitely a company you should keep an eye on.