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Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace achievements

Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace

There are a maximum of 48 Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace achievements worth 480

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Hidden Dragon Legend: Shadow Trace Achievements

A Natural Gift10

Obtained all achievements.

The Gift of Death10

Defeated the Phantom.

First Encounter10

Defeated Hornet.

Narrow Victory10

Defeated White Ghost.

Narrow Defeat10

Defeated by White Ghost.


Defeated Nameless General.

Traps of Fear10

Defeated Dark Raven.

Exiled Clan10

Defeated Second Brother.

Unafraid of the Darkness10

Defeated Shadow Spear.


Defeated Zhou Zong.

Critical Moment10

Completed the Prologue.


Completed Chapter I.

Twists and Turns10

Completed Chapter II.

A Hair's Breadth Escape10

Completed Chapter III.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained10

Completed Chapter IV.

Head and Shoulders Above10

Cleared the game for the first time.

A True Master10

Cleared the game on Hard.

A Worthy Rival10

Cleared the game on Hell.

Absolutely Invincible10

Cleared every level in the game.

Legendary Weapons10

Obtained the Hidden Dragon.

No Sword, No Life10

Obtained all sword-type weapons.

Down with the Daggers10

Obtained all dagger-type weapons.

Sutra Collector10

Collected all of the sutras.

Devoted Practitioner10

Enhanced all of the sutras.


Unlocked all skills.

Stop at Nothing10

Unlocked all moves.

Sword Master10

Enhanced all moves.


Achieved a 100 combo.

Severe Offense10

Achieved a 200 combo.

Swift and Resolute10

Achieved a 400 combo.

A True Swordsman10

Defeated the Phantom without taking damage.

Evasion Expert10

Successfully dodged all of Hornet's flying daggers.

Tactical Maneuver10

Successfully avoided the Nameless General's stone attack.

An Eye for an Eye10

Defeated Dark Raven with wooden cleavers.

The Master of Masters10

Defeated Second Brother without taking damage.

Deliverer of Destruction10

Destroyed Shadow Spear's Shadow Clones 3 times.


Win all the sword fights while fighting Zhou Zong.

Farewell Note10

Collected all fragments of the School of the Dark Sword's farewell note.


Collected all puppet cogwheels.


Collected all collectible items.

Just Beat It!10

Defeated all Dark Raven's heads in the Dark Raven's nest stage.

A Tale of Two Lanterns10

Lit the two lanterns at the top of the tower.

As Quick as Lightning10

Successfully attacked with Shadow Strike.

Reconstruction Site10

Found the Demolition Plans in hidden areas.

The Candle-man Can10

Found the small candle in hidden areas.

Hold the Door10

Arrived in the warehouse area of the hidden city.

Action Guide10

Correctly enter all QTE in the cut scenes

Secret Weapon10

Equip DLC sword