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Level 22: Garys Misadventure Patched!

Posted on 19 February 16 at 02:32
Please click here to read the story: Level 22: Garys Misadventure Patched!

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Posted on 19 February 16 at 03:18, Edited on 19 February 16 at 03:22 by
To anyone who owns the original game the word "patched" in this news post is used incredibly loosely.

I feel incredibly sorry for the original developer of the game.

First he went bankrupt, then Moving Player bought the rights to the game. Then they added controller support and achievements, made no changes to the game, despite making claims they had in order to justify it being more expensive and "a whole new game" and then released it as brand new version at double the price the original dev was asking for.

Moving Player are not very ethical developers and their content is all generally a result of minimal effort buyouts like this.
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