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Site Wishlist Voting System

  • JackJack8,060
    Posted on 17 February 16 at 17:29Permalink
    Help choose the feature suggestions we add to the site

    Please click here to read the story: Site Wishlist Voting System
  • ShinnizleShinnizle95,534
    Posted on 17 February 16 at 17:45Permalink
    Didn't even know you had implemented the Site Wishlist on here laugh
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  • RebornReborn33,474
    Posted on 17 February 16 at 17:49Permalink
    Yes! I was wondering if this was coming to TSA or was a TA only thing.
  • SpilnerSpilner2,009
    Posted on 17 February 16 at 18:38Permalink
    'Packed' 'Full' Heh
    Its that guy from the thing in the place.
  • JackJack8,060
    Posted on 17 February 16 at 18:39, Edited on 17 February 16 at 18:40 by JackPermalink
    Spilner said:'Packed' 'Full' HehIn context to when the site opened officially it is pretty full. wink
  • Pitupatu71Pitupatu71107,573
    Posted on 17 February 16 at 19:33Permalink
  • AxessAxess4,198
    Posted on 18 February 16 at 01:39Permalink
    Great addition!
  • CrashCrash55,245
    Posted on 02 March 16 at 17:39Permalink
    Glad this feature made its way to TSA.
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  • Posted on 07 May 16 at 03:21Permalink
    this is fantastic not many other sites allow direct input like this from the community
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