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"My Games" tab lists every game multiple times

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Jar of Jam
Jar of Jam
Posted on 12 February 16 at 21:04
For whatever reason "My Games" list shows every game anywhere from three to eight times in a row, doesn't matter if it has DLCs or not. Is it a feature or some setting I need to turn off or is it a bug?

Example based on my profile, I see the same mess in everyone else's "My Games" lists - http://i.imgur.com/UhSY3Nw.png
Posted on 12 February 16 at 22:39
Strange this must have just started as I was looking at that list this morning.

I'm having the same issue as well.
Iron Fist of Snuff
Posted on 13 February 16 at 23:41
Mine does the same thing.
Posted on 14 February 16 at 03:57
Same here. I have only 2 games but it says 7 cuz one shows 4 times and one shows 3 times. I just signed up 15 mins ago..
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Dodgy Bob
Dodgy Bob
Posted on 15 February 16 at 08:19
Jar of Jam
Jar of Jam
Posted on 17 February 16 at 19:17
Seems to be fixed now. Huzzah!
Posted on 07 March 16 at 17:20
Oh, this was down to a bad join in a SQL procedure - I fixed it a little while back so I'm going to archive this off. Thanks for raising it! toast
Information Posted on 07 March 16 at 17:21
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