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i do not want my account branded as cheating

Posted on 28 March 19 at 05:11, Edited on 28 March 19 at 05:12 by Anime_Gamer_Weeb
Hello all, i am new to this site as i have always been a console gamer.

i recently installed Paladins and Realm Royal on Steam and as my Hi-Rez account is linked to my Xbox account, i was able to carry over my Xbox profile to the Steam version, but as soon as i loaded up the games, all the achievements started popping up at the same time and they all now have the same date and time. i have all the achievements on the Xbox versions of the games and apparently achievements carry over as well since it's the same account (technically)

My question is, is this going to cause TSA to label my account as a "cheater"?
Posted on 01 April 19 at 10:14
Nope it isn't. Game synching is in a lot of games and employees of the site are well aware of which games do that and which do not. I had the same with Smite when I went from the standalone game to the Steam version, most achievements insta-popped for me. That's just the way the synching of the developers works, nothing to be afraid of.
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