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steam privacy change

Posted on 14 February 19 at 20:14
I have to admit that I am not regular on true steam like I am on true achievements, but since I was playing some civ 6 lately, I went to request update. Nothing happened, so I tried again, still nothing. I looked around to see if there was a notice that it didn't update anymore and found the article talking about the change to privacy settings that you have to make. I adjusted and now they work again.

I don't know if you normally have to request on steam (or on true trophies for that matter), but I thought I would check again if there was new achievements since I updated before and now it says I used up my updates and to get pro if I want more.

My suggestion beyond one pro account covering them all after x amount of years subbed for any of them(I hardly go on true trophies either to justify pro there, but have years of true achievements), is to maybe add an alert box if it sees someone has not logged in for a long time letting them know when stuff like adjusting their privacy on steam needs to be done.

I am assuming it would be easy to automated a last login check, then have a file with a list of key events to alert about. if any achievement has been added since that alert, then dont display that notice.
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