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Old time limited achievement unlocked - discussion

Posted on 26 October 18 at 01:54
Hi there everyone

I fired up APB Reloaded yesterday for the first time in months and months as they are going to be starting a Halloween event soon.

I didn't do anything interesting in there, just looked in the social district, I didn't participate in any game related activity.

I've looked at my Steam profile tonight and noticed I have a new rarest achievement, and it's for APB Reloaded:

Unlocked 24 Oct @ 6:49pm
Deck the Halls 2014
Earned by gaining score in the 12 Deaths of Christmas Event in 2014. - Unlocks the FAR 'Vanguard' for purchase on completion.

That was very odd as I didn't do anything to unlock it. APB:R was bought by a new developer a few months ago and they have been updating things, maybe that had something to do with it?

I'm guessing that the achievement unlocking was either:
1. A glitch in the system, or
2. An achievement that I did unlock in 2014 and for whatever reason it's only just now chosen to update on my Steam account. I was participating in events back in 2014 (I have the screenshots to remind me) so that could be it.

However, it's worried me a bit as obviously it's a 2014 achievement, and it's unlocked in 2018.

I suppose part of the reason for this post isn't just to note the technical issues, but to say "Guys, this has happened, this is what I know, I wasn't cheating".

I hope you have ways and means of spotting the cheaters with unlocking software and people that have been caught in a glitch. I mean, unlocking a date limited achievement four years after the fact would have to be pretty stupid wouldn't it!


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