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Information Posted on 10 September 18 at 21:56
Please use this thread to discuss the Saints Row IV walkthrough
Posted on 20 November 18 at 16:32
Finally starting on this. My apologies for not touching it for two months.
Posted on 27 January 19 at 10:40
Well, didn't really touch the walkthrough since November, but now I'm definitely starting on it and won't stop til it's over. My current in-game %age is 56%, so you may use that as a gauge on how much has been done. The game is pretty simple, though, so there isn't much writing involved. I plan for the walkthrough to be done before Valentine's Day.
Posted on 28 January 19 at 08:00
Base game is done. Blasted through the rest of it earlier today. All that's left is the DLC, and the DLC is short, so I expect to be done with the walkthrough by this coming weekend, so February 03 at the latest.
Information Posted on 06 February 19 at 14:17
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Saints Row IV Walkthrough
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