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New steam update: a problem for TSA?

  • KuWanTumKuWanTum89,694
    Posted on 11 April 18 at 02:27Permalink
    Valve have released an update which hides games by default. SteamSpy has already said they are basically going to struggle to continue since they cannot scrape data... will this be the same for TSA?
  • GuitarwolfGuitarwolf20,615
    Posted on 11 April 18 at 05:18Permalink
    This is a bit concerning. But with it being on by default then people who actively use TSA should set their games to be shown publicly. Considering TSA tracks primarily registered users then it shouldn't be an issue in the long run once people are aware of it.
  • RebornReborn35,819
  • CauseCause2,371
    Posted on 27 June 18 at 20:57, Edited on 29 June 18 at 08:36 by CausePermalink
    Nothing is showing at all in my privacy settings when I go to make the appropriate changes, weird.

    Edit: I got it to work, it was being weird in IE is all.
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