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    Posted on 29 September 17 at 07:57
    Please use this thread to discuss the Welcome to the Game walkthrough
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  • axisz8008axisz800839,261
    Posted on 04 October 17 at 22:53
    It already says this in the guide, but if you know any of the code locations post a comment and I will add it. Thanks in advance!
  • Posted on 14 March 21 at 07:40
    I found out the code for Cheap Surgery. You have to click “Gluteus implants”
    Alysta Douzart
  • Posted on 14 March 21 at 07:55
    I just found another one on Grave Thieves. In the bullet list near the bottom it’s right next to “Jewelry”
    Alysta Douzart
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