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Fallout 4 scans in with offline achievements

WebChimp UKFixed
Posted on 18 November 15 at 00:16
Which is weird considering the dates are all there on my steam profile and all other games scan in fine with dates. Also checked through a bunch of Fallout 4 players here and each one of them shows as earned offline.
Posted on 19 November 15 at 15:51
You are correct.

Same goes for everyone's (myself included) achievements that have been scanned in for the game "Payday: The Heist."

Like you said not sure why, because Steam has all of the dates for said achievements.
-- Novelistic
Posted on 03 December 15 at 13:08, Edited on 03 December 15 at 13:08 by Jack
Good spot. We use a couple of different endpoints to grab the data, of which the fall back doesn't return won timestamps. I've tweaked the code and fired off a rescan on this title against your profiles.
Information Posted on 03 December 15 at 13:12
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