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Sorting by score on all games page

WebChimp UKFixed
TrueSteamAchievement Ratio: 1.8553Achievement Completion Percentage: 79.05% (Includes owned DLC) - 7 more achievements required to reach 80%58 posts
Last post: 23 Oct at 20:57
Posted on 07 November 15 at 14:16
doesn't work. Just puts several 0 score games at top and randomly jumbles the rest.
TrueSteamAchievements Administrator2 site referrals359 posts
Last post: 10 Oct at 09:49
Posted on 17 November 15 at 17:07
This should now be working as expected on all lists. Feel free to make another bug submission if you spot any that still aren't working. smile
Posted on 17 November 15 at 17:07
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