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Oliver Clothesoff
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Posted on 02 November 15 at 12:54
NosgothWeather the StormOliver ClothesoffThe Weather the Storm achievement in Nosgoth worth 175 pointsBlock 500 attacks using the Vanguard's shield

I got it a few days ago and it's still only worth ten points which seems a little strange. I figured maybe it just needed a few days to update, but nada. For reference the rest of the achievements only I've unlocked have a ratio of 18.84.
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Posted on 02 November 15 at 16:47
It should be updating at least once a day
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Posted on 02 November 15 at 18:56
My guess is that the ratio calcs from TA are happening, in that there needs to be a 1% change in the player total before the ratios recalc to save resources.
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Posted on 17 November 15 at 17:01
Like the other two sites, ratios are calculated on quite a complex series of rules, this takes into account the date the achievements are added to the site, the overall change in players earning the achievement and a few more things.

This achievements has now had the ratio calculated. If you spot any more like this please let me know and I can force affected titles into the next update period. Thanks. toast
Posted on 17 November 15 at 17:01
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