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Feed showing empty items

Posted on 31 October 15 at 12:49, Edited on 31 October 15 at 12:53 by redknightnz81
I have attached the image below to show what is happening on my TSA page currently, and added notes on some things I have found.


- Friend feed showing empty elements, on dates that steam achievements have been won (17th Sept, 14th Sept etc).
- Best achievements sidebar panel is showing the same achievement 4 times, they all link to the same achievement when clicked
DiRT 3 Complete EditionDC SilverThe DC Silver achievement in DiRT 3 Complete Edition worth 34 pointsAchieve Silver medals in all of the DC Challenges

- Achievements earned in last 12hrs haven't been picked up by scanner (on it's own schedule and force scan). I see there is already a thread on this however.
Posted on 17 November 15 at 17:03
Good spot, redknightnz81. The friend feed was re-written from scratch a few weeks ago and this was one of the initial bugs. It's since been fixed. smile
Information Posted on 17 November 15 at 17:03
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