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Secret Achievements not Getting "?" symbol over them before unlock

WebChimp UKNot a bug
Posted on 25 October 15 at 23:38
Unless that was an Xbox thing.

Example: Batman Arkham Knight Achievements
Posted on 26 October 15 at 00:24, Edited on 26 October 15 at 00:29 by Spilner
Is indeed an xbox thing, steam have their own.... though no matter what game I view its showing them all. They used to be 'hidden achievements'

Edit: Aha http://steamcommunity.com/stats/239820/achievements/ the ones without descriptions are hidden, hence it just getting '(secret)' and having the tiles still
Its that guy from the thing in the place.
Posted on 26 October 15 at 09:06
As Spilner's mentioned, it's an Xbox thing that secret achievements have a hidden picture and description. On Steam they use the same picture and instead don't have a description at all.
Information Posted on 26 October 15 at 09:07
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