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You have met the legendary weresheep!

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How to unlock the Baaaah. achievement

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    Following the clues across each act, the trail of breadcrumbs always leads to one final location. See where to go and what to do with the full Easter egg guide right here.

    Find the book "The Legend of the Weresheep". Dig up the first clue in a mound in the graveyard of Cyseal's Church. You can find it near the steps; inside one of these mounds.

    Next clue, find "the parchment The Last Weresheep" in King Boreas' treasure room in Hiberheim. (Look in the bottom-left corner).

    Luculla Forest
    Last clue is found in the Cave of Portals in Luculla Forest located south of Sacred Stone. Go into the cave and trace through the linear path, then head up the ladder at the end of the path. You'll be in a temple with several portals. Go to the stairs to the left, then enter the portal to your left at the end and you'll be in a grassy area. You'll find a dig spot to your left; dig it up, and you'll meet the ghost of the ghostly Weresheep. Speak to him to update the quest.

    Phantom Forest
    Obviously you should not attempt this quest until you're at least at Level 16 - 17.
    Now go to the Kickstarter Tree (Phantom Forest, near northern Waypoint Portal) and drop a stardust herb on the ground in front of the tree and the Weresheep will appear. (Watch the video below). *Author video: MrPantaloons1*

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    Final Location: Phantom Forest (after poison log)
    Pre-Reqs: Pet Pal Talent to finish the quest, might be possible to get achievement without.

    Directly north of the Phantom Forest - Thorny Grounds way point you should find the kickstarter tree (large hollowed out tree with rune engraving all over it), in original edition it displayed a list of all backers.

    Take a StarDust herb and drop it on the ground while standing in front of this tree and the WereSheep should come out and unlock the achievement.

    I am not sure if any of the quest steps are needed to actually get the weresheep to come out but I will include them just in case.

    - Find the book The Legend Of The Weresheep in a burial mound in the large graveyard located by the undead church in Cyseal.
    - Read the note The Last Weresheep located in the treasure room in Hiberheim
    - Talk to the ghost of the Weresheep located in Mardino's cave (Luculla Forest), dig burial mound
    - Read note Weresheep Recipe, found in the same location (if I remember correctly)
    - Find weresheep by Kickstarter Tree.
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