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The Sprinter

Completed game in Speedrun mode.

The Sprinter-0.3
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How to unlock the The Sprinter achievement

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    Speedrun mode...

    The challenge: To race through the game from start to finish, as fast as possible.

    There is no save, no retry. You can pause a Speedrun, but you cannot save anything. It must be completed in one session, or else it will fail.


    It is helpful to know that a Speedrun is its own universe.

    What does that mean?

    Nothing done in Speedrun mode will count toward / against your main game. A successful completion grants two outfits (1 for male, 1 for female), and a time of completion in your game history. That's all. Everything else vanishes. Yes, everything.

    Every item you use from your previously-accumulated inventory, during a Speedrun, will remain in your main game's inventory. All experience, rift crystals, gear, etc. earned in a Speedrun will vanish completely when the Speedrun ends.

    Any modifications to your Arisen's or main pawn's appearances during a speedrun will also vanish. So, for example, you can make them burlier (to enable them to carry more stuff without being encumbered) for the duration of the speed run (if desired... bear in mind that greater strength often comes with reduced stamina).

    There is no access to Bitterblack Isle during a Speedrun. Items previously earned there will remain available in your inventory. Aside from the presence of previously acquired Bitterblack items, "Speedrun mode" behaves as if the island doesn't exist.

    The rift stone to reach the Ur-Dragon, in New Game Plus, is also absent.

    Speedrun mode will always be played offline (that's how it works: no option exists to do otherwise). The only pawns you can access will be your own main pawn, and an assortment of ownerless offline pawns provided by the game.

    A Speedrun will go more smoothly if your Arisen and main pawn are moderately high level (I first tried it around level 115, but it's not needful to wait that long... it went *extremely* swiftly and smoothly at that level).



    I strongly recommend completing the game at least once, prior to attempting a speed run. If one doesn't know what comes next, one is far more likely to make mistakes which will significantly extend the length of the Speedrun.

    Before beginning a Speedrun, it works best to have port crystals stationed near all significant main quest points. Thanks to those port crystals, even my seriously messy first attempt was timed at 45 minutes (because of cut scenes and inventory adjustments not included in that time, it took a few hours of real time to complete).

    Have an Eternal Ferrystone, or else about 12-16 standard ferrystones (you won't actually need 16 if everything goes perfectly; however, if you're like me, extra stones to deal with mistakes can be very helpful).

    Stamina preservation and restoration items are essential. Stock up on mushrooms and / or liquid vim, etc., so you can keep moving.

    Have several group-heal items, and buffing / curing items (about 16-20 of each). Anything which will help one get through a battle more quickly is helpful, such as explosive arrows and conqueror's periapts.

    Tip: "group heal" items also work on escorted creatures, such as the ox when one escorts a trophy to Gran Soren.

    Have at least 21 wakestones.

    Deaths in Speedrun mode don't count on your history, although a death will end the Speedrun (unless the Arisen or one of your accompanying pawns has at least one wakestone in inventory: wakestones stored at an inn won't help). There are no retries in Speedruns, but one can use a wakestone to continue if one has a fatal mishap.

    It can be very helpful to have the five altar stones from the "water temple" in your inventory, if you plan to use that quest as one of the two required Wyrm Hunt quests.

    Have a "Wyrm king ring" [or a forgery of it].

    If one plans to use a vocation including archery, it is helpful to buy a "Maker's Finger" arrow, to deal with The Dragon (Grigori) in a Speedrun.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***



    Cut scenes, inventory management, and interaction with innkeepers do not count toward your total "official" time. Running to reach an inkeeper, however, does count. So does anything else which occurs when a timer is visible on the screen.

    Run, and avoid participating in combat when possible, to get the lowest time. You can't keep the experience gained anyhow, so just keep moving.

    If a battle is required, such as the cyclops to earn the respect of the pawns, dispatch the opponent with all possible speed.

    Remember that the only quests which need to be completed are the main storyline quests, and not even all of those.

    At least one of the main quests does not prevent moving forward with the story until after it is completed, so that quest does not need to be done in a Speedrun.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    While it is possible to do side-quests in a speed run, there's not much point. If a side-quest was missed when pursuing the "hero" achievement, and that missed quest can be included easily, it's possible to do it during a Speedrun. However, it's probably more practical to simply catch up any missed side-quests in a normal playthrough of the game.

    A Speedrun can earn "The Ever-Turning Wheel" achievement for completing the game a second time.


    Specific details...

    Off With its Head:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Lure of the Abyss:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Griffin's Bane:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Wyrmking's Ring:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Honor and Treachery:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Fathom Deep:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Speedrun is not recommended for achieving "Solitude," "Peace," or "Servitude." Choosing any of those options will end the Speedrun as a failure.

    Remember: Speedruns have no saves, and no retries. One may only quit, and begin again.


    Some of the tips included in this write-up came from my own trial and error, though most came from:

    Hope it helps...

    Happy gaming! wave
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