SEGA Bass Fishing

Welcome to the walkthrough for SEGA Bass Fishing. This is a fairly quick completion that requires a bit of work followed by some grinding, but it won't be at all too challenging. Although the controls may take a while to get used to, it's not a complicated game. You might spend about ten hours or so getting this game's 12 achievements.

There are three main game modes: Practice Mode, Arcade Mode, and Original Mode. Practice is exactly what it sounds like, but Arcade Mode is shorter than Original and should provide a bit of starting experience on how the game's mechanics work. You should finish the Arcade achievements first before tackling Original, just so you have a better grasp of what's going on. After finishing both these modes, you'll have to continue fishing to reach a total of 500 fish caught, which is best done in Practice Mode with a lure you unlock in Original Mode.

There aren't a lot of tips to know before going into the game. It's pretty easy to get the hang of things once you understand the controls. That said, the controls may not be apparent at first, but you can find what means what in the menus.

One nice little bit of info is about the animation that plays when you pick your lure out of the water. This can be skipped with the same key you use to cast a line (the default being S), but make sure not to press it twice, or you'll cast the lure back into the water.

Lure colors can be changed with the Arrow Keys, but there isn't a significant change in fish behavior for this to be overly useful. The best lure in the game is the Sonic lure, which is earned through the Original Mode and has an achievement related to it.

When you want to start Arcade Mode, you can change the amount of total weight you need to continue to the next area as well as the time you have to do so, but you don't really need to at all. If you fail to get the weight in time, you can continue without any penalty.

There are three standard stages of Arcade Mode. You'll be playing on three locations, and after these is a final stage. You'll find better bass in colder areas, which is something to keep in mind for Original Mode as well. If it's hotter outside, use a heavy lure, because the bass will stay in the colder water at the bottom of the lakes.

Progressing through Arcade Mode is very simple: Just keep catching fish until you reach the target weight. In the final level, which takes place in some ruins, you'll be required to catch a fish that's at least 15lbs. You may also catch a fish over 20lbs, which gives you another achievement. If you don't manage to find one here, you might find one in Original Mode or Practice Mode, so don't worry about having to replay Arcade Mode for one.

A Gift Lure in SEGA Bass Fishing

A Gift Lure10

You got a new lure in ARCADE MODE.

  • Unlocked by 153 tracked gamers (96% - TSA Ratio = 1.01) 159

Arcade Winner in SEGA Bass Fishing

Arcade Winner12

You cleared ARCADE MODE.

  • Unlocked by 111 tracked gamers (70% - TSA Ratio = 1.19) 159

Unbelievable Size in SEGA Bass Fishing

Unbelievable Size19

You caught a bass that weighs more than 20 lbs.

  • Unlocked by 45 tracked gamers (28% - TSA Ratio = 1.87) 159

There's another achievement for catching a total of 500 fish, which you can do in Practice Mode, but you should only do so after finishing Original Mode and earning its achievements. You can check how many fish you've caught in the leaderboards in the main menu.

I Love Fishing in SEGA Bass Fishing

I Love Fishing29

You caught a total of 500 basses.

  • Unlocked by 19 tracked gamers (12% - TSA Ratio = 2.89) 159

To start Original Mode, select it in the main menu. Keep in mind as you play that you'll want to catch at least 50 bass with top water lures, the best of which is considered to be the pencil bait. You'll also want to catch at least 30 huge fish, which is just anything over 10lbs. Starting Original Mode from the beginning (if you have to) will not reset your totals, so you can do another round of Original until you have these two achievements.

Ranker Killer in SEGA Bass Fishing

Ranker Killer25

You caught over 30 Huge basses in ORIGINAL MODE.

  • Unlocked by 26 tracked gamers (16% - TSA Ratio = 2.47) 159

Top Water King in SEGA Bass Fishing

Top Water King26

You caught over 50 basses in ORIGINAL MODE by using Top Water lures.

  • Unlocked by 23 tracked gamers (14% - TSA Ratio = 2.62) 159

The first tournament is the Amateur Tournament, which starts immediately. The first stage takes place from 6AM-10AM on the lake by the lodge, and since the water is relatively cool, you'll be fine using the pencil bait or the shallow crank for this stage. In the second stage, you should try to use the shallow crank or vibration lures, and in the evening, return to the shallow crank/pencil bait. The grub also works fairly well here. You can also experiment and see which lures tend to work for you best, and when they work.

In any stage that you start by a bridge (Lake Crystaldew), check the map (default is A) and see if you can travel to the reeds. If you can, go there instead of wherever you are, but the lodge works perfectly fine as well. You can slowly reel your hook in with E, which is useful for keeping a lure underwater if it tends to float to the top. When hooking a fish, reel it in Q as soon as it bites and continue to feather Q when the line tension isn't red. Move the rod in the directions told to you on-screen, and you will have soon caught a fish.

After a day of fishing, the stage will end; if you don't like your results, immediately quit out of the game so you can retry the stage again. You'll want to do this on the results screen at evening. For each day, you'll want to have about 70lbs worth of fish for this tournament. You don't have to win every stage to win the tournament; do the math on how many points you need to win or how many your opponents need to win to beat you, and figure out how hard you need to try in later stages.

Amateur Winner in SEGA Bass Fishing

Amateur Winner23

You won the Amateur Tournament.

  • Unlocked by 29 tracked gamers (18% - TSA Ratio = 2.34) 159

The Challenge Tournament consists of only two stages, as opposed to the Amateur Tournament's five. There's a new twist to the rules; before, every fish counted towards your total, but now any fish that weighs less than 3lbs will not count at all. If you tend to catch a bunch of fairly sized fish already, this shouldn't be an issue. You'll want about 30lbs of fish per round in both stages, and 90lbs per stage if you can. Since you'll be aiming for larger fish, don't reel in at all when a noticeably small fish bites. If you don't do anything, it'll swim away and you'll get to continue moving your lure around in the water.

In the morning of Stage 1, use the pencil bait or popper lures in the reeds area (floating lures work great), but generally only in the long strip of water in front of the small white bridge. It seems the bass don't like hanging out elsewhere this time. In the afternoon, I personally had some luck with the grub lure in the same area, but success with a certain lure can change. If it's cool enough in the evening (71F-ish degrees), return to using top lures as you did in the morning.

Stage 2 takes place at Lake Paradise and puts you in front of the lodge by default. Since you've fished here three times before, you should be very familiar with how to get the most out of the lodge area. The same goes for the reeds in Lake Crystaldew, so the rest of the game should be pretty straightforward.

Challenge Winner in SEGA Bass Fishing

Challenge Winner26

You won the Challenge Tournament.

  • Unlocked by 23 tracked gamers (14% - TSA Ratio = 2.62) 159

For the Professional Tournament, you need to win every stage for two related achievements, both of which are given for doing the exact same thing. If you don't think you're doing well in the first two sections of a stage or have not come in first place at the end of a stage, quit out and start the stage over again. There are two rules to this tournament: No fish under 3lbs counts, and only your five heaviest fish in a stage count towards your ranking. Since these rules apply to all your opponents, it's actually not too bad. Just remember to quit out completely if you don't come in first place for a stage.

For all five stages, remember that top lures work better in colder temperatures and that you shouldn't stay on the water's surface when it's warm. Aside from that, just test what lures the fish tend to like and catch five really big fish to outweigh those of your competition. If you find that you've gotten a pretty hefty size of fish early on, keep fishing, because there's an achievement for catching 500 fish total along with the two at the top of this page.

Professional Winner in SEGA Bass Fishing

Professional Winner26

You won the Professional Tournament.

  • Unlocked by 24 tracked gamers (15% - TSA Ratio = 2.57) 159

Perfect Angler in SEGA Bass Fishing

Perfect Angler27

You won all the stages in the Professional Tournament.

  • Unlocked by 22 tracked gamers (14% - TSA Ratio = 2.68) 159

When you get a perfect run of the Professional Tournament, don't start the Masters Classic just yet. Go into the Personal Data menu and enter the sub-menu called Tackle Box. you'll get another achievement here as you gaze upon your brand new lure.

Lure Collector in SEGA Bass Fishing

Lure Collector27

You got the 14th and final Lure by placing 1st in all 5 Stages of the Professional Tournament

  • Unlocked by 22 tracked gamers (14% - TSA Ratio = 2.68) 159

The Masters Classic Tournament is similar to the Professional, but there are three changes. Any fish under 4lbs will not count, but the scoring is still based on your best fish. Instead of five fish, however, you'll be scored on your top seven, and there are only two stages. Due to the small amount of stages, you should aim to finish in first place both times. It goes without saying that you should try to use the Sonic lure the whole time.

Masters Classic Winner in SEGA Bass Fishing

Masters Classic Winner27

You won the Masters Classic Tournament.

  • Unlocked by 22 tracked gamers (14% - TSA Ratio = 2.68) 159

Again, if you haven't caught 500 fish total yet, you can replay Original Mode if you want, or you can finish up in Practice Mode. People tend to catch about 150-200 fish in Original Mode, so it's going to take a while to get the rest of them. You can check the total amount of fish you've caught overall in the leaderboards.

After grinding out the 500 fish, that should be completion, congratulations!

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