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Tec-9 Expert

Kill 100 enemies with the Tec-9

Tec-9 Expert0
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Aebeatia SookiesAebeatia Sookies34,657
21 Jun 2017 22 Jun 2017
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Whizzy's Solution

Achievement Difficulty - 1 / 5

Estimated Time Span from Fresh Start : 30 Mins

You can earn any mastery for a weapon by playing against "Easy Bots" in offline deathmatch mode. They present the weakest challenge although it may be possible to find idle players and / or fast spawns in community maps.

Also consider using the smallest map as that produces the most spawns.

I have not yet tested if community maps qualify for achievements, but since offline bots are so easy and straightforward, this method is satisfactory for getting this achievement.
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driftee You can do this on community maps, just search for idle servers and you can get all the weapon mastery achievements within an hour or two.
Posted by driftee on 19 Nov 17 at 19:23