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Hero Cap IV

Secure an objective to revive your team if you are the last person alive 25 times

Hero Cap IV-0.1
Locked 25 May 2023
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Hero Cap Achievement Guide

First, we have to do a small preparation.

Go to [Settings -> Key Bindings -> Toggle Console] and Bind to any Key you want (I chose F3 for this)
The Console will come in later, as it can't be reliably opened while in the Main Menu.

From here, got to [Main -> Solo -> Select Playlist, scroll down to {Unranked Competitive} -> Ministry Firefight -> Start Game]

Once the game started, Join Team [Security]

This mode is 5v5, so the max Player number is 10 (which means there will be 9 bots deploying once the round starts)

Press [F3] to open the console

Type in [bind F6 ins_bot_kick_t1] this command will bind F6 to kick a bot from 'Team 1', which is 'Team Security'
Type in [bind F7 ins_bot_add_t2] this command will bind F7 to add a bot to 'Team 2', which is 'Team Insurgency'

Close the console. Most likely, the round will have started by this point. Don't worry, it is not important.

With the commands bound to the keys, we can kick three bots from our team and add them (optional) to the enemy team. You will have to repeat this every start of the round (roughly ever 10 minutes or so), which is why we bound the command to specific keys. Adding three bots to the enemy team is optional, because we want to take care not to accidentally kill the entire enemy team (winning the round) and have more opposition to capture back points and kill your own bot. It is not nessecary, but it will be a better use of your time.

Let your bot get killed OR kill yourself with a grenade and take control of the remaining bot by pressing [F].

Once you are the only player alive in your team, capture a point.

Every time the bot is dead and you capture a point from the enemy, your [Hero Cap] Achievement counter will go up.

This also counts towards the Achievements [Ground Control], [War Hero] and [Bodycount] (non-Coop/PVP)

Be aware, sometimes the counter will glitch out and award you the corresponding progress/Achievements upon ending the Round, ending the Match or returning to Main Menu.


Start Unranked Solo Firefight
Kick 3 bots on your team
Kill your Player
Capture Point with the remaining bot
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