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Defeated CPU

You defeated the CPU.

Defeated CPU0
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22 Nov 2022 22 Nov 2022
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First thing is first, ignore what Fusoya says about going after the Defence Node first. Go after the Attack Node first, otherwise it will bend you over and play your buttocks like a pair of bongo drums. At level 57-58, Laser Barrage can still one-shot most of your party members on Hard mode.

Go all in against the Attack Node; cast Thundaga with both Rydia and Fusoya, and attack with Edge and Cecil. If it gets off a laser barrage, hope you have enough time to use Curaja. It should only have around 12,000 hit points. This will involve a considerable amount of luck. Once it is dealt with, then you can breathe easy.

To take out the CPU, simply have Rydia summon Dragon, and have everyone else attack (Fusoya can Defend or do nothing since he is kind of useless at this point). Rince and repeat until the CPU goes down. Then simply have everyone attack the Defence Node. Have Fusoya cast Meteor to speed things up and it should all be over relatively quickly.