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Better Luck Nest Time

Score at least 80 points in a game when one of your opponents has a raven in the same habitat as a Franklin's Gull or Killdeer.

Better Luck Nest Time-0.7
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12 Jan 2022 12 Jan 2022
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This was the last achievement I got, and some might call my strategy "cheating". I played an Automa game with one Automa, two AI, and two humans. Then I made sure one of human players got the raven and killdeer, and made sure the other human player got at least 80 points. Even doing that, it took me about four games to get the right cards.

I played with the Automa, because I find that generally inflates all the scores a little because of the "trigger all pink powers" events. Then I just got a few "tuck and draw" birds and focused on laying eggs. I also used the human player with the raven and killdeer to trigger "everyone gets an invertebrate" and "everyone draws a card" powers to make sure I easily got 80 points.