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Boxed In!

Boxed In!-223.3
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16 Oct 2020 16 Oct 2020
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Must be done before opening the surface access hatch.

In the Tangoroa Storage Room (the one with the crane) there is a room underneath the generator platform. The door is directly underneath the crane control console.

Arrange the boxes to allow you to move into the room by moving boxes into free spaces repeatedly. Note that the yellow and black tape points to the side of the boxes that are open.

The achievement will pop as soon as you walk through the door.
Ftpv1If u missed this achievment dont worry, u can still do it after the surface hatch is open.
The crane will still operate so get on top of the boxes and crouch to see where u need to go, make it to where there is a gap in front of the secret room.
Posted by Ftpv1 on 22 Oct at 21:58