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The Friendly Ghost

Complete the game with no window jumpers

The Friendly Ghost0
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14 Jan 2020
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Here’s help with that pesky hard achievement: THE FRIENDLY GHOST!

The object here is to win the whole game without letting a single person jump out a winow. This is VERY HARD because we all know the movement and decisionmaking of these people is SOOOO RANDOM and it already takes a long time to actually complete the game. But here are the general ideas:

- Scare people using low scares but spam them.
For the most part you don’t want to use the highest (X on controller A on keyboard) scare much. Often it is a risk of exploding the room into chaos and scream. However if you take a midrange scare object and use the 2 lowest scares rapid fire you can get people’s scare level s up rather quickly, even at the beginning.

- Make them sweat then leave them alone

The visual tells a person has involves fidgeting , looking nervous with the eyes, froening, shaking, trembling at the knees, running, sweating, then RUNNING AND SCREAMING. You do not ever want people to get past sweating. Once you get people sweating, back off. I mean stop hitting ANY keys and buttons. Let them run around the house from that point. Even there is only one sweating person in the group stop. If you continue to scare a sweating person they can flip to screaming and that can mean the end of your run.

- Don’t get fatigued
You may not know this but if you escape out of the game, it saves your progress. And you can do so using the menus. Easiest thing to do is just hit escape 5 times and it will immediately close. Whole program shuts down. This is important. This achievement takes a long time with a lot of waiting so do it in increments. Also it makes the experience more fun if you switch ghosts a lot. You’ll have to kill the NPC ghosts anyway to complete it so I did that asap so I could use my favorites.

- Expect the unexpected
At some point you will be tempted to use the high levels scares. Sure we all do and that’s fine really. The best place to use high level scares is from rooms as far from the windows as possible. However…even if the person shows ZERO signs of fright, they STILL can jump STRAIGHT to screaming and running with only ONE big scare! If this happens….HIT ESCAPE FIVE TIMES!!!! DO THAT. The game will end and you can go back in and continue the game where you were. Sure, the person may not have jumped….but if they get to a window they just might and then you’d have to start the game all over. Don’t take chances. During my final run I did get SOME people running but those were in distand low levels rooms with a lot of running space…and I followed them the whole time. If ever they ever THOUGHT of going upstairs to a window room, I closed the game before they could even think of it. On previous runs I thought I could get lucky and get away with it only for a screamer to run five times past a window and on the 6th jumped. Or even Ran across 2 rooms straight to the window and out. You never know. Be safe

- Beware the bugs
There are bugs in the game that will screw your chances…well somewhat.
1. There are some objects that just freeze the game. These include all phones when you use the 2nd scare, The middle barred window in the hospital when you use the lowest level scare five straight times, and if you use chests/suitcases with the 2nd scare. The freeze doesn’t happen all the time but this is where I’ve encountered it. If the game freezes, just close it. It will start again normally and you can continue where you left off.
2. This one is worse and I don’t know if you can recover tfrom it. There is a little girl in the hospital with black hair. If she is running and screaming and she runs up the stairs from the basement to the nursery/toy room, she will get stuck in a lopping pattern of running up to the top of the stairs. I’ve had this happen twice now and she cannot break out of it. I am not even sure if escaping out of the game resets her. So be careful with scaring her. Don’t let her run and scream….ever.

- Useful items
There are specific places and items I used a lot for this.

Hospital: The bottom level everything is usable. I spammed the lowest two levels of everything. Some are quicker than others. I avoided the 3 windows rooms but when people clumped there I gave a low level scare on one item 1 or 2 times and people would leave. The upper left Shock room is tempting but be careful. The Shocker that kills the nurse is the most scary item in the house but it can cause instant screaming. Use the lower levels and spam them. I also used the Cabinet in the front foyer a LOT. More than any other item in the game actually.

Theatre: The organ is fantastic in the basement but only use the lowest level. Even then it RAPIDLY gets people scared so only do it until they sweat. If they start screaming they have a long way to run and climb to hit windows but keep an eye on them. The instruments can be used on the stage. The dressing room is a great place to scare too. Staying down there will pretty much be all you need.
Museum: Just as this place is the easiest place to get window jumpers it is also the easiest place NOT to get them jumping. Top level actually I found little help except for the clock. The nonwindow midlevel has the bear the drummer and the zebra. These 3 are GREAT for getting people nervous and scared. SStart slow and build up. Everything in the basement is great especially the alien.

Ship: This one is upside down really. The bottom right furnace room is great. That cog mechanism can be spammed at the lowest level. The buzzsaw gets them a little too scared. Stay out of the casino and the kitchen for the most part unless you have to break people up. The ship’s wheel works GREAT. The main room has a lot of good things to scare but be careful, they are potent and this is a big room. You have to be aware that there may be people getting scared you can’t see. But the mermaid and the piano get people really scared.