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Valve's Changes to Privacy Policy Affect Our Ability To Scan Your Games
Valve announced user privacy changes to their Steam platform via a blog post today, which will affect many third-party website such as TrueSteam Achievements.

In the blog, Community Admin Al Farnsworth details the changes, stating:

You can now select who can view your profile’s “game details”; which includes the list of games you have purchased or wishlisted, along with achievements and playtime. This setting also controls whether you’re seen as “in-game” and the title of the game you are playing.
He also details changes to your playtime visibility, adding:

regardless of which setting you choose for your profile’s game details, you now have the option to keep your total game playtime private.
What does this mean for third-party websites? Well, early details are sketchy, but in order for your TSA profile to remain unaffected, you’ll need to tweak these new settings slightly. Navigate to the Privacy Settings page on Steam and change the “Game details” option to “Public”. By default, this will have been set to “Friends Only”. Make sure the tickbox for “Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details” remains unchecked.

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