Hero Siege Update

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
- Enemies now have a slight "reaction" time when they come to melee range so you can
have time to move from their attack.
- Demon God Lightning Ball HP now scales with player amount.
- Fixed Arrow Rampage Crashing if player dies at the same time.
- Boss in wormhole is no longer always reflection.
- Holy Bible and Amputation Kit are now shown only for the players who have them.
- Fixed relics overlapping in pause screen.
- Zombie Hunter Skin for marksman now shows up correctly.
- Anyone can now join any expansion server, but only create if they own the expansion.
- Fixed Demon Slayer player 2 crashing.
- Fixed wave skipping if writing to chat.
- Relics now reset if the player actually dies, no longer exploit the exit game.
- Double checked death flags position for clients.
- If client opens a higher wormhole, the enemies now scale correctly.
- Added a refresh button in the server list.
- Dropped packet interval to enhance performance and decrease ping & lag
- Wormholes are now completely randomized. (we will add new areas with future updates)
- Increased wormhole difficulty x 5
- Reset wormholes again for season testing. (we wont touch your items now).
- Resetting wormhole now requires an extra verification.
- Improved the GUI in chat etc.


- Paladin Lightning Fury buffed from 25% proc to 35%
- Paladin's Mending Aura now regenerates a % of your max health.

- Rupture now has a 8% fixed chance and deals % of enemy max hp per tick.
- Demolishing Tornado has a longer range, slows enemies and has bigger hitbox.
- Traveler Scimitars now stun enemies.
- Vanish now stops ranged enemies from attacking you.
- Flying Scimitar cooldown increased, but also damage increased.

- Minion HP is now exponential, the more points the more scale.

- Turrets now survive for 30 seconds and explode but no longer have aggro.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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