Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II - 3.4 Update Changelog

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
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It's (about) time for another Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II update! Admins, please update your servers.

This update features new gameplay features, game mode improvements, new HUD elements, plentiful of bug fixes and new achievements with the art contributed by our community!

See full update post here!

Please see below for a Changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bug/Support Forums or Steam Discussions to report any issues.


Combat System Changes/ Fixes:

- Added third person mode
- Added dominations and revenges
- Added view punch and red screen flash when getting headshotted

Character Class Changes/ Fixes:

- Allow SS special on all weapons
- "Returned kegs" (thrower gets killed by own keg that was kicked/bashed by enemy) now score a kill
- Thrower can now kick own kegs
- Fixed kick mass check being applied on kegs
- Fixed Berserker having faster move speed while carrying chest after special wears off
- Removed debuff attack speed slowdown
- Lowered debuff wear off time from 1.0 to 0.5
- Reduced fart linger time from 3.0 to 1.5
- Added unique headshot sound for HK

Game Mode Changes:

- Team Deathmatch now uses round based gamerules like other PVK2 gamemodes
- Frag limit included in new rules
- Added HUD for Team Deathmatch, shows team frags and round timer, if frag limit is on it shows frags remaining instead
- If mp_roundtime_dm is 0, round is considered as "match" and it will use maps time limit
- Team Deathmatch: Added overtime on draw, default 2 minutes. Can be changed or turned off with mp_overtime_dm
- info_pvk will now be created with default properties if it's missing in the map
- Added mp_dm_oldrules for enabling old deathmatch rules
- Added mp_fastchestrespawn_enabled for enabling/disabling fast chest respawn if chest is dropped when carried for less than 5 seconds
- Added option for disabling game modes in info_pvk


- Added avatars for alive players in LTS
- Added new icons above players heads (voice chat, text chat and nemesis)
- Added charge meter circles
- Added fade effect to death notices
- Added kick + death icon notice to killfeed for kick assisted suicides
- Added unique kick kill icon for each class
- Added "map changing in x" timer and sound cue on game end
- Added HUD message on random sudden death
- Sudden Death round time is now shown
- Damage display can now receive custom messages from server
- Damage display font can now be customized with console commands (cvars beginning with cl_damagedisplay_*, size, antialias, outline and of course the font itself)
- Damage display: Added "batched" displays (eg. when lunging as skirmisher, total damage dealt will appear in 1 display after lunge is done)
- Messages such as Bashed! Perfect Parry! 2x Combo etc. now use the Damage display element
- Renamed cl_crittext to cl_damagenotifications
- HUD voice icon now fades out faster
- Added special bar drain effect to HUD
- Fixed timer events not getting removed after map change (fixes the "stuck +5/-5" bug)
- Fixed context hints showing up in freezecam
- Fixed voice icon not fading out
- Hit sounds use the engine again, volume and pitch options readded
- Added random parrot name button for Character Info
- Character Info titles/dyes are now sorted in alphabetical order
- Added hints to Statistics panel
- Custom sprays can now be removed
- Added "Import Spray" button to Character Info
- Sprays can now be converted to 512x512, results in better quality
- Fixed VTF "importing", checks for filesize and moves to correct folder
- Removed .bmp spray conversion support for now
- Added status label to loading screen
- Added version label to main menu


New Achievements:

- Combat – Art of Defence – Kill a total of 50 enemies with a counter-attack by perfect parrying them – Title: The Artist
- Combat – Assigir’s Challenge – Kill each class on the enemy teams at least once in a row – Title: The Nord
- Kicking – He Did It To Me! – Kick someone into a hazard after being kicked 1 second before – Title: The Retaliator
- Kicking – Taste of his Own – Cause a skirmisher to die by kicking his keg back at him – Title: The Free Sample
- Kicking – Foot Hand Eye Coordination – Kick a player then kill him with a range weapon while he’s still in the air! – Title: The Kicker
- Captain – Crabby Hooker – Kill an enemy with your hook immediately following a roll – Title: The Crabby Hooker

Game Modes:
- Booty – Robyn Hode – Return 200 chests – Title: The Merry Man
- Booty – My House! – Stay in a chest zone for 1 minute when team has winning ticket count of 10 or under – Title: The House Keeper
- Booty- Worth The Wait – Block enemy chest zone for 15 seconds while there’s at least 1 chest – Title: The Denier
- Domination – Public Enemy #1 – Be a Nemesis for 5 players or more – Title: The Public Enemy
- Territory – Hard-Headed (/The Promised Land) Conquer one territory three times in a single life (12+ players) Title: The Objectivist

- Cara – Giddy Up – Keep control of both territories in Cara for at least 60 seconds (12+ players) – Title: The Tragen Master
- Cara – Horsin’ Around – Contest a horse territory for at least 60 seconds – Title: The domesticated
- Cara – triple crown – Win 3 rounds for each team on Cara – Title: The Groomer
- Cara – Ragnarok is A Pony – Win 10 Rounds on Cara – Title: The hot Blood
- Sandstorm – Was the sun in Your Eyes? – Kill 20 enemies in te_sandstorm’s sandstorm – Title: The Act of God
- Sandstorm – Here’s Lookin at You Kid – Send X enemies to their deaths in the spike pits of te_sandstorm – Title: The Expatriate
- Sandstorm – Less is Moorish – Win a round without capturing a third territory in sandstorm – Title: The Decorative One
- Sandstorm – Treaty of Friendship – Conquer each sandstorm territory with the help of at least 3 people every time (12+ players) – Title: The Prophet
- Sandstorm- Fond of Sharp Things- Capture and hold the Weapons Cache for an entire round without losing it once. (12+ players) – Title: The Sharpest Tool

Achievement Fixes

- Fixed achievement "French Kiss" having incorrect goal

Misc Additions/Fixes

- Added deal methods for AFK protector (mp_afkprotector_dealmethod):

0- Do nothing
1- Move to spectator
2- Kick from the server
3- Move to spectator, but kick if they still AFK

- Added option for kicking AFK spectators (mp_afkprotector_kickspecs), setting it to 2 will also kick unassigned players
- AFK protector now drops chests from idle players
- Added server option for allowing spectators (mp_allowspectators), server admins bypass this check
- Added PlayerTint material proxy (Replaces both BerserkProxy & DebuffProxy and allows server to add custom player tints)
- Added custom score types and info_scoretype entity
- Added ragdoll type keyvalue to trigger_hurt
- Added ignore armor for trigger_hurt
- Added round draw music
- Added back the view effect when reloading MAA crossbow
- Added gamemode_booty_chestzone_enter & exit events
- Added lava sound for "slime" splash effect since most lava materials use slime properties
- Added cl_viewmodel_blood to enable/disable viewmodel blood
- Added cl_blood_affected_by_ff to change whether your viewmodel blood effects are affected by friendly fire
- Headshot kill now awards a bonus point
- Man-At-Arms hat now shows up in thirdperson
- Fixed chest "duplication" bug
- Fixed chest throwing anim playing when trying to throw during special
- Fixed explosives dealing damage on teammates if changing team
- Fixed blue rifle killicon on powderhorn assisted suicide
- Fixed spectators telefragging players
- Fixed underwater sound not playing
- Fixed bad tracing for water splashes
- Fixed special being given when hitting self with thrown keg
- Fixed ranged weapon animation bugs when charging and switching to another weapon then back
- Fixed a t-pose bug/animation when switching certain weapons on round start
- Fixed "player_bomb_explode" being fired on dead players
- Fixed “player_ranged_impact” by phys object being fired on teammates
- Fixed FMOD sounds playing on loading screen while level changes
- Fixed FMOD manager memory leak
- mp_falldamage now works properly
- Event player_kick now returns entindex as own value
- G15 LCD is now disabled by default with CVAR g15_enabled, due to some users experiencing very long game exit times with it

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II 2

Achievement Art Community Contributions

Thank you to everyone who contributed vector art for PVKII achievements in 3.4, check out all work and stay tuned for new art contribution, visit the thread in our forums.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II 3

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