PAYDAY 2: Sydney the heister Teaser and info on DreamHack Austin!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
PAYDAY 2 screenshot

Introducing Sydney

The PAYDAY 2 gang has members from all corners of the world. And now it’s time for Australia to show their worth.

Check out the teaser below!

The Sydney Character Pack will be released on May 12th for 4.99$. More information on her will be released next week.

PAYDAY 2 screenshot

DreamHack Austin

Today DreamHack Austin open up its huge doors and lets gamers, fans and cosplayers go bananas, head-to-head and wild when it comes to all sorts of games and other fantastic digital stuff!

Of course, we at OVERKILL will be there, hosting our very own PAYDAY 2 Tournament. Every day one PAYDAY crew will win $10.000 - but to win it you need to be real fast completing the Slaughterhouse heist on Death Wish using a special tournament version of the game, available at the event.

Come by, say hi to us, ask questions, sign up with a crew and test your skills on the Slaughterhouse heist! Yours truly will also be there.

Eric Etebari (Dallas), Damion Poitier (Chains) and Georgia Van Cuylenburg (Sydney) signings tomorrow!

Dallas, Chains and Sydney are taking time of their busy heisting schedules to fly down to Austin, Texas tomorrow (Saturday May 7th) to meet you all! They'll be available to pose for pictures, sign stuff and talk anything PAYDAY between 12:30-2pm tomorrow!

See you at DreamHack Austin!

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