Maui Patch 1.01 Now Live

By Austin Phoenix, 9 months ago
Hey everyone!

Maui is now in the Steam library of over 25,000 people! That's mind-blowing and we're so grateful to everyone that's taken the time to try the game so far.

We just pushed update 1.01, which includes the following fixes and updates:

- Uncharted achievement now works correctly.
- Added functionality for controller to press cn_B to go back in menus.
- Added music to the intro splash screens.
- Updated water coloration.
- Clarified “Restart” in Pause Menu to “Last Checkpoint”.
- Fixed an issue where putting down offerings anywhere other than the altar would warp them to the altar.
- Fixed an issue where Maui would sometimes become stuck in the ground after coming out of a menu screen.
- Fixed an issue with the water texture being unnaturally stretched.

Thanks, everyone! We hope you keep enjoying Maui!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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