Dungeon Defenders II Patch 12.1

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
May Monthly Mission: "Mesmerization"

• Requirements:
- Slow 100,000 Enemies
- Knockup or Stun 10,000 Enemies
- Provoke 1,000 Enemies

- Pet: Dragolich Variant
- Gold: 300,000 Gold
- Medals: 2,000 Defender Medals
- Title: Mesmerizing

Bug Fixes
• Made a code change to hero hotswapping to improve server stability.
• Added a 1 second Build Phase cooldown to hero hotswapping to improve server stability.
• Removed “Brought Hero Into Combat” announcer text to improve our sanity.
• Pet rerolls should no longer give duplicate empowerment stats.
• Skill Spheres should now properly update if a player changes a Sphere and then swaps to another hero.
• UI will now update to reflect recent actions -- for example, if you leave a party, the “Leave Party” button will now properly disappear.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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