Crypt of the NecroDancer: New Playable OSTs, New Languages, 67% Sale!

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
You can now play Crypt of the NecroDancer using our epic new OST remixes from Virt and Girlfriend Records! Just go to the in-game options menu and select "CHANGE SOUNDTRACK" to assign "VIRT" or "GIRLFRIEND RECORDS" to your character of choice. Virt, the composer of the amazing soundtrack for Shovel Knight, has created a gorgeous "retro freestyle" soundtrack for us, while Girlfriend Records have delivered a pulse pounding synthwave OST.

This free update also includes localizations for Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, with more localizations on the way!

Finally, we've been listening to your feedback, and have corrected a number of issues that you've reported. Here's the complete changelog for v1.24:

- Two new playable soundtracks, by Virt and Girlfriend Records
- Added new languages: Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. Other languages coming soon
- Flicker shield spell the beat before it wears off
- Fix bug where default character changed item generation
- Remove diamond counter from modes that don't have diamonds
- Change Yeti animation to more clearly show movement cycle
- Bolt picking up thrown spear doesn't lose low%
- Fix bug where Necrodancer phase 2 music sometimes didn't start
- Play shopkeep ghost sound even when music volume is low
- Call the ring slot "ring" in the HUD
- Fix shield effect being invisible after falling through a trap door with shield active
- Heart transplant now works when used on the first beat of the song
- Don't fade molehill of frozen mole
- Fix frozen animations to show beetle unshelling, skeleton knight dehorsing, skeleton beheading, Death Metal deshielding
- Show armor changes while frozen
- Fix eye color of some skeletons
- Add glow effects to white sarcophagus silhouette
- Aria doesn't regain low% when entering zone 1
- Fix bug where confusion would re-occur when heart transplant wears off
- Finish rendering weapon swipes after player picks up another weapon
- Show throw swipes for both players in co-op
- Make lobby torches look consistent on the minimap
- When player teleports into shop, play shopkeeper song at full volume
- Make shopkeeper singing full volume when bombing into shop
- Set zone 3 volume correctly when banshee dies
- Add red knight swipe
- Fixed early beat bar hit visual when boss song loops
- Make white chest mimic available in level editor
- Fix blue chest mimic becoming red chest mimic in level editor
- Fix misaligned weapon glow sprites
- Bolt practice, level editor kc1 has blue bats instead of red
- Don't apply localization scale to non-localized text
- Fix spacing of scaled localized text
- Hide secret shop speech when NPC is aggroed or dead
- Fix Dove unlocking Story Mode 1-1 exit stairs
- Remove player minimap dot when player in secret shop
- Fix minimap going offscreen with two spells
- Make "always show enemy hearts" not reveal cauldron mimics
- Added Jeweled Dagger to weaponmaster (edit: after picking it up during a run)
- Fix mod menu selection order
- Don't show unlock splashscreens during a replay
- Make monstrous cracked shop wall dark too
- Remove obsolete unlockable second action slot
- Fix large seed parsing so that they are not rounded
- Print large seeds as positive numbers instead of negative
- Don't allow playing seed -1 (change it to seed 0) to avoid strange behavior
- Faster item pool generation for mods
- Mode stairs in char select area now prompt & take diamonds
- Diamond prompt now doesn't cancel the second prompt (where applicable)
- Fix "SONG ENDED!" in Japanese localization, which wasn't displaying
- When game paused, pause sounds of shopkeep ghost, banshee
- Detect audio cheating for Necrodancer 1 phase 2

We hope you enjoy the new tunes, languages, and improvements!

Crypt of the NecroDancer is also on sale for 67% *Offer ends Tuesday 3rd of May at 10AM Pacific Time
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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