Endless Legend Patch [1.4.4]

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 9 months ago
Endless Legend screenshot

Hi everyone,

Here are the release notes for the latest 1.4.4 patch for Endless Legend.

CHANGES AND ADDITIONS [Echoes of Auriga Content]

* The Urces village marked for step 3 of the "Pet Sounds" quest is now located in regions colonised by players

IMPORTANT FIXES [All versions]

* Fixed an issue with the Unleashed Potential capacity of the Cultist preacher unit
* Fixed a potential desynchronisation in multiplayer when using battle actions on owned units

FIXES [All versions]

* Fixed an issue with AI major factions who were reluctant to accept another empire opening borders to them
* Fixed an issue where false information was displayed for clients regarding the number of past winters
* Fixed several typos reported by community

FIXES [Specific content]

* [Shifters only] Fixed an issue where the aspirate resource rate gain was not explained to the player
* [Shifters only] Fixed Shifter Nature form health regeneration bonus
* [Echoes of Auriga only] Fixed an issue with "Running with the Hunt" quest where multiple minor faction quests could happen in the same region (sometimes blocking the current quest)

Thank you for sharing your feedback on Steam and the official forum! Check out this thread if you encounter an issue and would like to report it.

~Amplitude Studios
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