Killing Floor 2: Update 1032

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
General Changes and Fixes:

* Increased the speed of normal bullets (pistol, assault rifle, SMG) by 3x in ZED time. (Note: visual effects for this change are still in progress)
* Fixed issue with Siren Particle effects on low graphics
* Fixed sensitivity sliders to not have numbers
* Fixed controller sensitivity setting not saving when changed via the main menu
* Fixed stalker keeping it's head while in a headless state
* Fixed an issue where pressing 'B' on a gamepad to open the trader sometimes caused it to automatically close
* Increased minimum dosh amount when respawning on some difficulties
* Increased starting amount of dosh on some difficulties
* Increased the overall amount of dosh earned by killing ZEDs across all difficulties by approximately 10%

Versus Changes and Fixes:

* You can no longer start a solo versus game
* Tweaked dosh and XP values for player ZEDs in Versus
* Fixed an issue where executing the "change team" command while on a balanced team stops certain control inputs
* XP and dosh were not being awarded after killing human-controlled ZEDs in versus mode

This is a required update for clients and servers.
Michelle-Louise Janion
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