PAYDAY 2: The skills beta and update 97.6 are live!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago

We're now live with the skills beta and update 97.6 for PAYDAY 2!

Update 97.6 changelog

Update size: 115.3 MB


* Armored Transport
Changed the rotation of the C4 interaction icons on the trucks
* First World Bank
The computer will now have an outline
* Boiling Point
Fixed an issue where the last body did not give any experience
* Hotline Miami
Bile will no longer use a police helicopter
Fixed an issue where bags would appear at an inactive secure zone
* The Bomb: Dockyard
Fixed an issue where only the first pile of meth the player cooked was visible
* Cook Off
Fixed an issue that caused an additional caustic soda to spawn
Moved an escape zone that was hovering in the air

Payday 2 Skill Tree Beta promotional image.

Skills Beta

We've been working, reworking, revamping and overhauling skills and perks as we've felt it [the beta] wasn't all it could be. As we've said before, we've taken your feedback in to account and we've checked which of the perks and skills were in high demand.

So now we want to hear what you think!

Because this is a beta - this can't be stressed enough really - things might change, a percentage might go up or down, and names might be adjusted. So some features will be removed, and some will remain. This will of course affect the gameplay, but hopefully for the better! Basically we want it tested by the very best testers out there: the players. This is not a finished product, so keep it together and just play, play, play.

After you've carried out some heists we'd be more than glad if you could share your thoughts with us. We want to take it slow and not rush things because we know as much as you do that this is a big deal. It's of the utmost importance that we gather all the information we can get our hands on before we have something final. And that's where your ideas and feedback play a vital part!

In our beta document you can read about the new skills. The document contains a change log and a description of the state of the skills. This document will be updated in real-time. Have a look here.

We've also created a sub-forum where we'd like you to gather and post all of your feedback, thoughts and ideas, as well as any problems and bugs you might have spotted!

So go on a try our our new creation and let us know what you think!

Open Skills Beta

Update size: 80 MB

Skills Beta Update Information:

* When switching between regular version and beta version of the game all your Skill Points will be refunded without any loss. But you need to re-purchase and place new Skill Points.
* There are some placeholder Skills in the current beta. These are highlighted in the beta skills document.
* For the moment we have 4 Skills that are not yet implemented, but will be soon.
* Infamy Bonuses that are not working will be implemented at a later stage.

Skill Tree point limit is set to 120

* Tier 1 Unlock Cost is 0 - Basic: 1 / Aced: 3
* Tier 2 Unlock Cost is 1 - Basic: 2 / Aced: 4
* Tier 3 Unlock Cost is 3 - Basic: 3 / Aced: 6
* Tier 4 Unlock Cost is 18 - Basic: 4 / Aced: 8

The following Perks are, for now, excluded from the current beta version:

* Fire Trap
* More Firepower
* Combat Engineering
* Optic Illusions

Participating in the Open Beta

1) Restart Steam
2) Right click on PAYDAY 2 in your Steam library
3) Go to properties
4) Go to the "betas" tab
5) Switch to open_beta (there is no password)
6) Press "close"
7) Download the update


Participate in the beta at your own risk. You might lose your save file so please back it up before you start. See this guide on how to back up save files.


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