Renowned Explorers: International Society Expansion - Sign up for Closed Beta

By Rebecca Smith, 9 months ago
Are you looking for more Renowned Explorers, both expeditions and features? Do you want to help us out? Sign up for the closed beta and join us in testing the upcoming expansion! We're also looking for entirely new players. Read about sign-ups on the bottom.

If you've been following development of Renowned Explorers, you already know that for the past few months we've been working on an expansion, alongside releasing patches. Our goal is to release more expeditions so that there are even more secrets and locations to explore. We're also improving and adding features so that the strategy, roleplaying and replayability of the game is improved!

Why a Closed Beta?
By now we've completed most of the work, which means we can move into the closed beta phase. In this phase we want to test with a couple of dozen players in secrecy to find out whether new features and content work as intended. Does everything work as expected on the technical side? Any bugs? And are they fun for everyone's playing style? Participating in the beta means playing the game in secrecy, and talking directly with the devs and other testers about your findings.

Testing with new players
Some mechanics are important immediately from the first playthrough (but can be enjoyed just as well if you're a long-time player). To test these we're looking in particular for players that have played very little or not at all. If you've just installed Renowned Explorers, please consider to sign up and already get the expansion experience, which we think is a big improvement over the base game. We also have slots for more experienced and veteran players.

Signing up!
To sign up for the Closed Beta, simply send an e-mail to info at abbeygames dot com. Make sure to add the following info:

1) A link to your Steam profile. (even if private)
2) Your current playtime and experience with Renowned Explorers (may be very litte, very much or none at all!)
3) One or two lines about why you want to join.

We have a limit on the amount of testers, so it could be that you are not invited or only at a later point. In any case, we will let you know.

More expansion info

Curious about the expansion? When we're satisfied that the expansion quality is good, we will send out more news about release date and pricing. From that point on you will hear more about its contents as well. Make sure you stay up to date by following us in one of the ways shown on our website. Click on the image below to go there, thanks!

- Abbey Games
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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