Foresight Some Preview for the Actual Release for V1.08b

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Dear all,

Yes, we finally got rid of the problem where Foresight isn't restoring. The reason is pretty - dumb... Foresight while deactivated, if it's not in a multiplayer mode, it'll actually sleep 1/4 a second during which, nothing gets through, including a command to restore the game.

While obviously, this wasn't the case for playing outside of the Steam client, it was certainly the case as quite a few players have complained about. I just did a fix and it seems to work.


The workaround it seems, isn't as what the guide has described. For NOW if you find yourself getting stuck after Alt+Tabbing out, no problem. Click on the Foresight icon where you'd normally do to restore other games, and hold it for 1-2 seconds before letting go. It'd most definitely restore the game.

DirectX 9 hanging issue on Windows 7 and older machines

This issue is currently mitigated in the TRIAL3 patch. The current release V1.08a-4 may have this issue where the game hangs in the beginning either at the KISS logo or at the 7% or 17% progress mark during loading.

We've found the cause of the problem and it has been fixed. It'll be deployed in V1.08b patch itself.

Problems identified with high performance mice

Currently, one of our mice, a newer model SteelSeries Rival 100 mouse seems to cause a problem in the game where the cursor almost definitely move either in the X or Y axis unless you move it fast enough. (which means when it's slow, it can't move diagonally at all)

This is a strange problem since my other Rival mouse doesn't have this problem. We'll continue to gather feedback and observations for this symptom and see if we can resolve it by the next patch.


We're working continuously to fix bugs and put new things into the game. The next game mode - Survival mode - should be coming soon. But till then, let's keep our sights on V1.08b patch, which should be released either this Friday or Sunday.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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