Dragon Saga Patch Notes 03/09/2016

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Maintenance Notes
Patch Version 0.4.50
Server Maintenance
2015-03/09, 15:00 Server Time

Note: Patch notes are subject to change.

IM Accessories will be soulcraftable and enchantable

The following IM Accessories will be made soulcraftable/enchantable (belts and bracelets):

New Origin Series, Unity Accessory Series, Cherry Blossom Series (Normal and Chaos), New Cherry Blossom Series, Lovely Silver/Gold Series, Easter Lily Series

Removed Restrictions

Restrictions will be removed from the Heirloom Back Items (Capes, Mufflers, Wings, Quivers)

Skill Fix

The Thunderbreak skill is now working correctly again.

Cutscenes can be skipped

The following cutscenes can be skipped now by pressing ESC: Van Cliff Entry Cutscene, Drakos Tower Entry Cutscene, Akanai Boss Entry Cutscene, Fire Element Dungeon Lavalon

Additionally after Akanai Reward Boxes the exit appears now immediately instead of waiting for the cutscene with the arrows on the floor to finsh.

More skipable cutscenes will follow step by step.

Dungeon Reward Boxes

Dungeon reward boxes will no longer contain the event world drop items.

Love Message Card

The Love Message Cards now displays [Love Message] instead of [Sys.] in the chat window.

UI Enhancements

The EXP bar tooltip (shown by hovering the mouse cursor over the EXP bar) now shows the amount of EXP needed to level up

The pet description now shows which type of food the particular pet needs

After entering a shop in the open market the title bar of the market window now shows the shop name (and the owner name if it's different from the market name)

The Quest Dialog now shows the EXP in % you get for completion in the level your character is.

Additional Fixes

The PvE Community Dungeon Monsters now are dropping again.
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