The Flame in the Flood Launched!

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Hi folks -- big day for us here at The Molasses Flood as The Flame in the Flood officially moves out Early Access and gets its official v1 launch!

Lots of polish and fixes have gone in across the board, but the big new feature is the Campaign Mode we've been teasing for a while. It comes in two flavors, "Survivalist" (more challenging balance) and "Traveler" (for a slighly easier ramp). The latter mode also features occasional checkpoints.

Another big feature for those overseas: the game now ships with Spanish, French, German, Portugese, Polish and Russian languages.

We're posting the full changelist below.

As always, please use these forums to let us know about any problems, suggestions, etc. that you might have.

In the meantime, we hope you like the game in its final form. We loved making it for you, and we hope it comes across that this was a labor of great love for all of us here at The Molasses Flood. And THANK YOU, for all your help over the past couple of months on EA, with your many many bug reports, suggestions, criticisms, and words of encouragement. It has all been invaluable.


The Molasses Flood

Full changelist:
(NEW FEATURE) New audio - ambient loops
(NEW FEATURE) added steam cards
(NEW FEATURE) Added River NPCs - conversations, trading
(NEW FEATURE) Added quilts (the “story logs” of the river)
(NEW FEATURE) added new non-modal tutorial elements, including cooking during 1st run
(NEW FEATURE) Added Lower difficulty setting in Campaign Mode
(NEW FEATURE) Added localization: French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese (br)
(NEW FEATURE) Added draggable inventory items for mouse users
(NEW FEATURE) added credits including backers
(NEW FEATURE) Added Campaign Mode
(NEW FEATURE) added achievements
(TUNING CHANGE) updated yucca - no longer a good idea to eat raw (since they’re poison irl)
(TUNING CHANGE) increased quest frequency at caches to 100%
(TUNING CHANGE) increased nutrition from plant items
(BUG FIX) UI tweaks to accommodate longer strings
(BUG FIX) tutorial screens no longer stay up during death
(BUG FIX) no longer able to double loot carcasses in some instances
(BUG FIX) many fixes & improvements to options screen
(BUG FIX) Major performance improvements globally with river gen, particle performance, lighting performance
(BUG FIX) major improvements to conversation UI
(BUG FIX) improved readability of hold prompts
(BUG FIX) improved input handling of controller sticks in UI screens
(BUG FIX) improved explore camera magnets
(BUG FIX) improved crafting focus readability
(BUG FIX) holding A in the main menu no longer fat-fingers through every menu choice
(BUG FIX) fixed sliding bear issue
(BUG FIX) fixed numerous missing icons in HUD alerts
(BUG FIX) fixed jittery docking cam that would occur during slower loads
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue with uncollectible river caches
(BUG FIX) fixed issue with snares looping “activated” animation when broken by boar or wolf
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue with getting stuck in geo at bait shack
(BUG FIX) Fixed issue with discarded loot boxes generating new loot
(BUG FIX) fixed issue with “skip scene” icon not showing up correctly at game start
(BUG FIX) fixed issue where player would be tilted after sleeping in some locations
(BUG FIX) fixed issue where jars could become unusable on the river
(BUG FIX) Fixed input handling issues with keyboard/mouse vs. gamepad
(BUG FIX) Fixed a number of resolution issues on Mac
(BUG FIX) fixed a number of issues with the death scrim failing to display
(BUG FIX) fixed a number of death anim & UI bugs
(BUG FIX) fixed a large number of issues with focus loss during tutorials & pop-up alerts
(BUG FIX) drowning affliction no longer hits dozens of times on death
(BUG FIX) can no longer restore to the opening campfire if you sleep there, since it was a hornets nest of weird bugs
(BUG FIX) Audio polish - many new ambients, UI audio elements
(BUG FIX) added spring system to improve camera magnet control
(BUG FIX) added scrim behind journal to improve legend readability
(BUG FIX) added loot anims to a number of containers
(BUG FIX) added item count to loot box UI
(BUG FIX) added alert when starting a new game that save data will be lost
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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