Freedom Planet Milla Adventure! 1.20.6 Update Notes

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
We're ready to unleash the next update that makes some noteworthy graphical improvements and adds an Adventure mode for Milla. Let's see how this goes!

If you would like to keep playing the original version of the game with only Lilac and Carol's Adventure modes, select "1.20.4 - Right before the Milla Adventure update" in the BETAS tab. (Right-click Freedom Planet in your Library and select Properties.)

The following is a compilation of all of the most significant changes between the last public release and this one.

- Milla is now available to play in Adventure mode. She has several new cutscenes in addition to an altered ending sequence to accommodate the fact that she's the one fighting Brevon.
- Because of Milla being playable in Adventure mode, it now has an identical character selection screen as Classic mode once she has been unlocked.
- In Final Dreadnought 3, the stage ends for Milla when she crosses under the tube where the Kingdom Stone was, instead of the right side of the room. This is to accommodate for the cutscene that now takes place here in Adventure mode and will likely result in faster clear times (by less than a second, but still notable).
- Milla no longer has to deal with the crosshairs in the red hallway before the final boss.
- The required crystals for the Gem Hoarder achievement has been lowered from 7000 to 6000.
- The dialog cuts from the Wii U version have been carried over. Only the cutscene break between Relic Maze and Fortune Night is affected, plus one line after Fortune Night. See "Adventure Mode dialog cuts" for details.

- Improved the shading on characters and enemies that were lacking it including Mayor Zao, Aqua Tunnel's boss and various enemies.
- In Milla's cutscene before Relic Maze, it's no longer possible for her to get a 1up by collecting the crystals she runs over. The crystals still count towards your total crystal count, however.
- In the intro cutscene after Brevon says "My turn," the frequency of his blade noises has been reduced a bit.
- The player now regenerates life during the Battle Glacier schmup on Easy and Casual.

- Carol's hitboxes on her attacks would sometimes not register.
- In Fortune Night as Carol, pausing the game in the area between defeating the midboss and entering the mall would make the music fade out indefinitely.
- In Final Dreadnought 3, the end boss's hitbox would linger after death, meaning that players with a fire shield would repeatedly hear the hit sound if they overlapped the hitbox during the cutscene.
- The game could be paused during the score tally in Final Dreadnought 4 as Milla, causing the results screen to glitch out.
- Pausing and selecting Next Stage during the cutscene where the heroes talk to Gong in Shang Tu Palace would make the music in Jade Creek fail to load.
- Pausing and select Skip Scene in the cutscene where Lilac is being healed in Shang Tu Palace would cause the invincibility music to play in Pangu Lagoon instead of the normal stage theme.
- Exiting a stage during Milla's Super Shield Burst would make other characters unable to climb ladders until she was either selected again or the game was restarted.
- Death counter on the file select screen has been increased to allow up to four digits instead of two.
- Patched up all the holes in the ceiling in Trap Hideout.
- In Fortune Night, rolling arches in the first section would sometimes make it impossible for Milla to land on the ground when touched during her hover move.
- Dragon Valley's score tally now properly activates if you somehow skip the end boss.

Adventure Mode dialog cuts:
- The treehouse movie scene has been shortened significantly for Lilac and Carol. (Unessential filler)
- The "space cooties" dialog where Lilac explains the origin of dragons has been cut. It now simply jumps to Carol's question about why aliens are interested in Avalice. (Unnecessary exposition since Zao basically says the same stuff later on)
- Torque's tent scene now fades out when the girls do their victory animation. (Torque's request to keep their mission a secret never comes into play during the story. The rest is unessential filler)
- In the Zao dinner scene, removed Lilac's comment on how Milla and Carol both agree on something for once. (References an event in the story that was cut early in development)
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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