Hero Siege Patch and

By Rebecca Smith, 11 months ago
- Most proc relics now scale with player's own damage.
- Attack Speed bumped down just a bit.
- Proc chances lowered a few % for proc relics.
- Fixed a crash with chain lightning.
- Uber Damien now drops always mythics.
- Uber Damien mythic factor equals to ACT 15 instead of ACT 9 now.
- 4 to all talents limit removed, satanics now give up to 20.
- Equipping loot now updates stats correctly.
- HP Bugging on start of levels in 30FPS fixed.
- Obelisk quest optimized
- Halved mana gained from Energy
- Bumped starting mana from 250 to 500
- Increased mana cost scaling.
- Amped up manacosts.
- Capped life per hit and mana per hit items.
- Enemies now move faster in wormholes vs ranged heroes
- Enemies now detect ranged heroes from more far away than melees.
- Enemies now have longer melee attack range versus ranged heroes than melee heroes.
- Fixed Satan removing crystal keys.
- Bumped Mythic boots MS gain.
- Increased Hero Level max exp by 750,000
- Improved the "DEADPOOL" hat because deadpool is fuking legit!
- Wormhole Level and Hero Level has now been reset due to exploits and a fresh start.
- A million HP now compressed into 1M such as 1000 into 1K before.
- Memory Leaks have been fixed
- Fixed Manacosts, made the scaling exponential so the more points the more
raise on cost.
- Made updating manacosts when putting a point in a talent a bit more dynamic.
- Increased manacosts inside wormholes.
- Increased Mana per energy to 5 from 2.5

- Re-worked "Necronomicon"
- Re-worked "Gargorath"

- Wormholes now scale exponentially rather than progressively, in order to keep challenge.
- Wormhole Levels now reset due to new balancing.
- Gear now scales harder than before because the max level is now lower.
- You can now choose to grind the current level, or raise the level by using the device
next to the portal after killing the boss.
- Merchant now sells Wormhole Keys for 100,000g.
- Added thunderstorm and reflect enchants to enemies. Reflect only works vs rangeds
- Removed some trees from the jungle wormhole in order to make it clearer.

- Fixed multiple issues with prop syncing.
- Attacking is now client-side providing a much smoother gameplay experience.

- Fire and Ice nerfed


- Nerfed Hydra's, they now only last 15 seconds.
- Increased cooldowns a bit.
- Increased Manacosts

- Increased attack animation, nerfing attack speed.
- Increased Manacosts
- Fixed multishot levels > 30

- Reworked his sword throw ability.

LINUX and MAC patches coming tomorrow, unfortunately I don't have those devices at home, since I updated the game from my home now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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